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Metal recycling

Metal is a highly recyclable material which, when recycled, can be repurposed for further use. The global concern for environment is growing, so is the need to recycle as much waste as possible, especially for the materials that would end up in a dump yard.

Using recycled products instead of materials extracted from the ground during manufacturing, significantly reduces pollution and carbon emissions, reduces energy and water consumption and frees up much needed space for necessary landfill.

Environmentally friendly

Recycling metals is an environmentally friendly process because it decreases demand for virgin metal, protects valuable natural resources and saves the energy and costs needed to extract virgin metals from the ground.

With all the great things you can do for the planet and saving the resources, you can also do good for yourself by making money from recycling.

Your expert in recycling

We at Kanto Metal™ have all the expertise for every stage of a recycling transaction, from preparing a firm and tailor-made offer through to the trading of the recycled materials.

We have extended co-operation with several of the biggest refineries and for each consignment we work with those that provide the most beneficial return for specific PGM’s. This lets us get the best financial return for our customers.

Get in touch with us, we will make the process of recovering these materials smooth and effortless with our team of professionals. Quick turnaround time, fast settlement and, most importantly, best pricing is what we offer.


Kanto Metal™ – Reliable recycling partner

Why Kanto Metal™?

We use modern technologies to process Steel and Ceramic Catalytic Converters. Based on the needs of our individual clients, we can discuss flexible payment terms, process times and quotation methods.

We purchase electronic waste from all around the world. We recycle a wide range of it including Processors, RAMs, Circuit Boards and other electronic components. We make sure that all processes are carried out with the highest level of care and attention.

We continuously operate according to the world recycling standards and secure full compliance with local Environmental Agencies.
Modern technologies
Flexible terms
International partners
Steel, Ceramix Catalytic Converters
Processors, RAMs, Circuit Boards and other electronic components


We can help you recycle

Electronic waste

Printed circuit boards, RAMs, Processors, ECUs and many more.
We buy and recycle a wide variety of printed circuit boards, processors, RAMs, ECUs and many more electronic waste items. We offer short turnaround time, fair evaluation and fast settlement for your convenience. Get in touch with our team of specialists for more detailed information.

Catalytic converters

Metal core catalytic converters.
Ceramic core catalytic converters.
We are buying catalytic converters with both metal and ceramic cores. In our premises, we are decanning and crushing the catalytic converters, make analysis and offer you best pricing according to current metal market prices. We offer fast settlement for your convenience. 


We are always ready to welcome new members to expand our highly skilled warehouse and management team. Please send your contact information and short summary on your work experience to our e-mail: for further communication.

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